and when drinking with the boss, you must drink less than him, but you must pretend to be more drunk than him, so as to show that he is a good drinker; but with the boss When eating together, you must eat more than him, so that you can see who is the idiot.

There are three ABC prisoners who are about to be executed by shooting. The warden wants to ask them what last wish they can fulfill? Besides asking for their release…… A said without hesitation: I want a bulletproof vest Warden: Yes, the warden shot him in the head B thought for a while and said: I want a bulletproof helmet and a bulletproof vest Warden: Of course no problem The warden hanged B C thought Let me say: I want to see my grandson Warden: But isn’t your child married yet? C said: It’s okay, I can wait!

Several men want to start a joint venture company. “ability”! “Hmm! “Ability Company” sounds so domineering!” So everyone happily applied for and got back the business license. After getting it back, everyone was dumbfounded, only to see the big words on the license

… “Limited Ability” company”

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