Peninsula Chinese Club of the Peninsula

Message from the President

Dear PCC Members,

Henry Young PCC Members PresidentWelcome to the PCC website. It gives me great joy and excitement to see that this new PCC feature has finally come to fruition.

For more than three decades, your Board has organized many fun and meaningful events for our members. I believe that our club has matured in many ways and accomplished many goals that we had set up to achieve. We are ready to enhance our membership experience with this additional feature, a PCC website. I hope that this webpage, which is accessible only to PCC members, will serve this purpose and vision amicably now and into the future.

Any successful social club can only be as good as its members, their involvement and dedication. A webpage that facilitates our social networking should help us along this path. Let me introduce some of the features of our webpage, with some of them probably self-explainatory.

I hope you are pleased with the above features and what you have seen so far. Please take you time to browse through the site. Any other ideas for further improvement of the site are most welcome.

Please contact me directly and send your feedback to All postings will be screened and edited to ensure appropriateness and decency before posted. If you would like to take part in the editing board of our website, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Henry Young,

President, PCC