Niu Gengtian, Horse Shigu, Lao Dou makes money and enjoys happiness.
Xiang Xingtian, Ma Xingri, Crossing the River and dying When a soldier kills an enemy, he will shrink
back, and when he is successful, he will retire and receive a salary;
men are fickle, women are prone to cry, poor and lowly couples are hard to get along with each other;
running water is clear, stagnant water is turbid, and high places are not satisfied;
ice is easy to melt, and money Difficult to grow, it is difficult for a smart woman to cook porridge without rice;
water for survival, soil grows trees, photosynthesis leaves turn green;
gambling is easy to learn, books are difficult to read, why did the gambling boy buy a big house
? It ‘s so hard to catch;
Immortals are free and easy, ordinary people are vulgar, foul monks eat dog meat;
Yang life is exhausted, falling into the valley of shadows, birth, old age, sickness and death are a foregone conclusion.

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