“Jing Shi Tong Yan” Chen Meigong

‘s “Jing Shi Tong Yan”:

life is fate, what do you want?
I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, what are you worried about?
If you don’t respect your parents and respect ghosts and gods, what do you respect?
Brothers and sisters are all angry, what are you arguing about?
Children and grandchildren have their own blessings, so what are you worried about?
A slave is also born of a father and a mother, what are you doing?

If it is not convenient to be an official, what do you do?
It’s easy to practice in the Gongmen, so why is it so fierce?
The knife and the pen kill people and end up committing suicide, what are you doing?
There are gods with your head up three feet, what are you bullying?
The article has no evidence since ancient times, what are you boasting about?
Prosperity and wealth are flowers in front of you, what are you proud of?

His family was rich and honored in his previous life, so what are you jealous of?
If you didn’t cultivate in the previous life and suffer today, what are you complaining about?
How can people be in a hurry when they have no luck?
It’s rare in this world to open your mouth to smile, what’s the matter?
To mend the broken, to cover the cold and warm, to rest, what to put on?
What is it after only three inches, and what are you greedy for?

Why can’t I take a penny with me after death?
What is the occupation of the land of the predecessors and the harvest of the descendants?
What are you greedy for?
Cleverness is misunderstood by cleverness, what a coincidence?
False words ruin your life, what are you lying about?
Right from wrong is self-evident, what is the argument?

Secretly urging the king’s bone marrow to dry up, what is lewd?
Those who prostitute and gamble have nothing to say, what are they playing?
Diligence and frugality in managing a family are better than asking for help. What is extravagant?
What are you annoyed about when people are fighting for leisure?
The wicked have their own grind, what do you hate?
How long will it take to report resentment and resentment, and what will happen?

Where in life do not meet, what is cruel?
The world is really like a game of chess, what is it?
Who is safe and sound, what are you complaining about?
The hole is in the heart, but not in the mountain, what do you want?
Bullying is a blessing to others, so why not?
Once impermanence and everything rests, what are you busy with?

One should be a wonderful Cantonese proverb decades ago. There is no Cantonese slang word, but it must be the highest level of Cantonese:

Niu Gengtian, Horse Shigu, Lao Dou makes money and enjoys happiness.
Xiang Xingtian, Ma Xingri, Crossing the River and dying When a soldier kills an enemy, he will shrink
back, and when he is successful, he will retire and receive a salary;
men are fickle, women are prone to cry, poor and lowly couples are hard to get along with each other;
running water is clear, stagnant water is turbid, and high places are not satisfied;
ice is easy to melt, and money Difficult to grow, it is difficult for a smart woman to cook porridge without rice;
water for survival, soil grows trees, photosynthesis leaves turn green;
gambling is easy to learn, books are difficult to read, why did the gambling boy buy a big house
? It ‘s so hard to catch;
Immortals are free and easy, ordinary people are vulgar, foul monks eat dog meat;
Yang life is exhausted, falling into the valley of shadows, birth, old age, sickness and death are a foregone conclusion.

One should be a wonderful Cantonese proverb decades ago, without a word of Cantonese slang, but it must be the highest state of Cantonese

9 episodes worth reading carefully, share with everyone!

Episode 1

There is such a couplet in the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, Zhejiang:
“How can life be more satisfactory, and everything is only half-satisfactory.”
The language of the couplet is simple, but rich in philosophy.
This “semi-satisfactory” life and the mentality of contentment and
peace of mind, was called
“the most sound ideal of life discovered by the Chinese” by Mr. Lin Yutang.
“Semi-satisfactory” is not helpless and negative, but a kind of open-mindedness and wisdom.
Since ancient times, life has been full of taboos, half poor, half rich and half self-sufficient;
half life, half day, half chance, half giving, half doing good;
half deaf, half dumb, half confused, half wise, half stupid, half sage;
half human, half self, half free, half awake Half drunk and half immortal;
half dear, half loving, half bitter and happy, half vulgar, half Zen and half resigned;
half of life depends on me, and the other half depends on nature.

Episode 2

After reading so many “Messages from Life”, no one knows that the whole life can be understood with only four Chinese characters:
Jian, Bin, Ka, Yin:
The character “Jian” can be big or small, and
the character “Bin” can be
Wennengwu, the word “ka” can go up and down, and the word “yin ” can bend
and stretch.
It can be
said that although a person’s life is complicated, the four characters are simple and clear.
Being able to be great and able to understand the state of the world; being able to write and perform martial arts is a talent

Episode 3

1. What is happiness?
Talk and laugh during the day and sleep well at night.
2. What is wisdom?
Things that are arranged can be done well, and things that are not arranged can be thought of.
3. What is emotional intelligence?
Talking makes people like it, doing things makes people move, and being a person makes people miss.
4. What is positive energy?
Give people hope, direction, strength, wisdom, confidence, and happiness.

Episode 4

With a different
mentality , the circumstances of life will be very different.
Happiness is to see the magic in the ordinary;
happiness is to taste the true flavor in the ordinary.
Happiness is not a gift from life, but the understanding of the heart;
happiness is not a gift from others, but the indifference of the heart.
Only when you are willing to be mediocre, don’t fight, don’t cling, and don’t care about, can you feel more happiness.

Episode 5

Home is a place of love, not unreasonable;
home is a place to relax, not noisy;
home is a place of peace of mind, not arrogant;
home is the sustenance of feelings, not to be deceived.
A home should be warm, not cold and cold;
a family should be accompanied, not separated from relatives.

Episode 6

Don’t arrange life too full, don’t design life too crowded.
No matter what you do, you must give yourself some space so that you can turn around calmly.
Leave a little advantage for others to take advantage of, leave a little road for others to walk, and leave a little time for yourself to think.
At any time, remember to leave some leeway in life, not complacent when you get it
, not depressed when you lose it, and calm and calm between gains and losses.

Episode 7

The reason why people are troubled lies in memory;
the reason why people are tired is that they wander;
The reason why people move forward is to be grateful;
the reason why people are happy is to be open-minded;
the reason why people are mature is to see through;
the reason why people give up is to choose;
the reason why people are tolerant is to understand;
the reason why people are human is to feel; The
reason why people are fulfilled lies in the process;
the reason why people succeed lies in diligence;
the reason why people are happy lies in contentment.

Episode 8

Health preservation cannot make you 10 years younger immediately, but after 10 years,
the people around you and around you will all be 10 years older, and you will still be what you are today.
˙Health preservation cannot cure your disease immediately, but after 10 years,
people around you may gradually leave, but you are still what you are today.
˙Health preservation cannot make you rich immediately, but 10 years later,
when everyone around you is borrowing money everywhere for medical treatment and bankruptcy, you can live comfortably without worrying about food and clothing.

Episode 9

Eating: three points of hunger, seven points of fullness; when in
trouble: three points of worry, seven points of joy;
going out: three points of car ride, seven points of walking;
food: three points of saltiness, seven points of bland food;
diet: three points of meat dishes , seven points of vegetarian;
fitness: three points of entertainment, seven points of training;
sickness: three points of treatment, seven points of nourishment;
dressing: three points of coolness, seven points of warmth.
Retired classmates, colleagues, and friends, remember these 8 points and
persist for 50 years, each of us will be happy like a fairy!