Useful Emergency contact phone numbers in China (if you are from Hong Kong)

1. Emergency call close by In an emergency in Hong Kong, everyone knows how to call 999. Where should I call in case of an accident in the Mainland? In mainland China, call 110 for the police, 119 for the fire department, 122 for the traffic accident alarm, and 120 for the ambulance. Please note that the ambulance needs to pay the corresponding fee, including the fare and the first-aid treatment fee. 2. Arrangements for cross-border ambulance stations? Once Hong Kong people encounter serious accidents or casualties in the Mainland, they should immediately report to the public security organs. At present, Hong Kong does not provide cross-boundary patient transport services, and ambulance services cannot be booked. Hong Kong people who are injured in an accident in the Mainland or return to Hong Kong for medical treatment due to illness, but need to call an ambulance upon arrival in Hong Kong, they can call the Immigration Department hotline (852) 1868 for enquiries, or ask the on-duty staff for assistance when they arrive at the border control point. If the patient’s physical condition is suitable for returning to Hong Kong, the ambulance will send the patient from the border control point to the nearest local hospital for treatment. In addition, the Federation of Trade Unions can assist in contacting ambulances in the Mainland and send those in need to the border between Hong Kong and the Mainland. 3. Contact the Hong Kong Government Office in the Mainland for support In addition to emergency calls in the Mainland, if Hong Kong people need help in the Mainland, such as losing their documents or money and needing help returning to Hong Kong, or being detained or arrested in criminal cases, they can also contact the Immigration Department and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Office in Beijing, Economic and Trade Office in Shanghai, Economic and Trade Office in Chengdu or Economic and Trade Office in Guangdong. 

If a Hong Kong resident is hospitalized or dies due to serious injury caused by a disaster or accident overseas and needs welfare or financial assistance, the Immigration Department can assist the deceased or injured or their family members to refer the case to relevant departments, including the Home Affairs Department. In addition, Hong Kong people can also seek help from the Federation of Trade Unions if necessary. Pan Zhihui, executive director of the Mainland Consulting Service Center of the Federation of Trade Unions, said that they receive about 20 calls for help every month. Hong Kong people who have accidents or accidents throughout Guangdong Province. Hong Kong people in the mainland part of the help number: Immigration Office- 24-hour hotline of the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Abroad: (852) 1868 Hong Kong Office in Beijing: (8610) 6657 2880 Ext. 032 Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Guangdong: (8620) 3891 1220 ext. 608 Federation of Trade Unions – Guangzhou Federation of Industry Consulting Service Center: 02083390648 Shenzhen Trade Union Consulting Service Center: 075582220098